Video Footage And Damage Patterns

Video footage and damage patterns are often used to determine who is liable for a car accident. Learn how this type of evidence can prove who should take on financial responsibility for a car accident.

Failure To Take Responsibility

A driver who was at fault may have a spotty driving record or could have been under the influence of alcohol during the time of an accident. A guilty party may be fearful of being arrested or facing the possibility of losing their job. Failure to take responsibility leads to needing to acquire supportive evidence that will prove who was at fault.

A prosecutor, local law enforcement officials, and insurance representatives may seek evidence that will clearly identify which motorist caused a vehicular accident.

Video Footage

Video footage can be more compelling than still shots. A clear recording of what happened prior to and during a vehicular accident will not be overlooked during a preliminary hearing or court trial. Video footage is captured via dashcams, surveillance equipment, and smartphones.

A car accident attorney will investigate the area where an accident took place. They will seek video footage from either of the vehicles that were involved in the accident. If neither driver is equipped with a vehicle that contains a dashcam, they may interrogate business owners and others in the vicinity who may have access to recorded footage. Local law enforcement officials will also attempt to compile video evidence.

Damage Patterns

Once a vehicular accident takes place, the parties involved may move their vehicles out of the line of traffic. Moving the vehicles can hinder an investigation. Fortunately, there are many investigative techniques that involve assessing the damage to one or more vehicles.

The damage patterns can be indicative of what occurred when an accident took place. For instance, if a car accident attorney gains access to pictures of each vehicle that was involved in an accident, they will observe where the damage occurred.

If a vehicle rear-ended the car that was in front of them, paint flecks and dents will help the lawyer determine how the accident unfolded.

Analysis Tools

There are many analysis tools that will support investigation efforts. The speed that a vehicle was traveling, plus the weather that was experienced during the onset of an accident can be revealed during modern testing processes. A car accident attorney will prepare evidence and a report of their findings. This information can substantiate who was at fault.

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