Vital Information You Shouldn't Hide From A Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you decided to file a claim with the help of a personal injury lawyer after an injury? Start by building a solid relationship with the attorney to have a successful case. One way to accomplish this objective is to be upfront with the attorney. Make sure they know all the case details so they can create a solid strategy to help you attain a favorable settlement.

Below are some vital details you'll need to share with a personal injury lawyer as you discuss your case.

Preceding Accidents

One trick the opposing counsel will use to ensure you don't get the benefits is to use any prior injuries or accidents against you. For instance, they may state that your previous injuries are the reason you have the current problem.

So, inform your lawyer about any preceding accidents so they can prove that the injuries aren't connected to the old accident. The injury law professional will even bring medical documents to prove the same.

Injuries After the Accident

Sometimes, accident victims can get injuries even before they receive settlements for the previous injuries. If you face this situation, you'll need to separate the expenses, so the opposing counsel doesn't use this information as an excuse to block your claim. Ensure you discuss this with your physician and lawyer and get sufficient data to prove you still require the benefits for the previous injury.

Divorce Case

While discussing divorce matters with a personal injury lawyer may not seem vital, do not hide the information. Your lawyer needs to know the information, whether the case is ongoing or the plans are underway. They will consider the relationship you and your spouse have and the case details, then decide whether they should be part of your trial.

Remember, the lawyer is on your side, so they cannot allow anyone to harm your case, including your spouse. Besides, divorces affect the settlement as you may need to share the compensation with your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Bankruptcy Case

Most people do not know that filing for bankruptcy can affect a personal injury claim. The benefits may quickly become a part of the estate, making it easier for the creditors to take it away to pay off your debts. So, disclose all the bankruptcy case details to the injury lawyer so they can ensure your settlement isn't taken away by those you owe.

If you are truthful, your personal injury lawyer will ensure your claim process runs smoothly and handle any challenges that may come your way. So disclose all the vital information to help them build a strong defense and get you a fair settlement for the injuries.

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