Tips For Preserving Your Auto Accident Evidence

In the wake of an accident, many people are concerned that they need to collect evidence. If you think you are going to file a car accident claim, it is important that you procure evidence you can use to prove your case in the courtroom.

These are some of the ways you can preserve evidence for your auto accident case.

Take Photos

Photos are one of the most important pieces of evidence for your scene. You should take your own photos and not count on others to take photos of the scene.

When you take photos, try to take wide-angle photos as often as possible. Capture as much of the scene as possible, capturing skid marks, signs, and all types of property damage. Your pictures should be useful in helping you tell the story of what happened.

Don't forget to capture your injuries either. Photos will help demonstrate the severity of your injuries and show how they have healed over time.

Take Detailed Notes

Photos cannot tell the complete story of what happened. It is important that you take notes about the incident, the scene in general, and the witnesses you encounter. Take notes of the other drivers involved and what happened immediately after the accident.

Gather Witness Statements

Witness statements are also necessary, and you can collect them at the scene of the incident. You can also take down the contact information in case you need courtroom statements. Witnesses can help strengthen your case in court.

Contact Law Enforcement Right Away

Law enforcement can help you with your case. You need to get a police report. The report will include information about both drivers, the conditions of the road, and whether one or more drivers may have broken the law. Law enforcement will talk to each party as well as witnesses.

Save Medical Records

You can prove your injuries with medical records. Keep medical bills, x-rays, and receipts for medical equipment and other expenses. These medical records show that your injuries were indeed as serious as you claim they were.

Save Other Receipts

In order to prove economic damages, including lost wages, you need to save your receipts. Your income statements from past years compared to your current years is helpful, for instance.

Hire an Auto Accident Attorney

Your auto accident attorney will also help you preserve evidence for your case. If you are unsure how to preserve evidence, speak with a professional today to learn more about strengthening your case.

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