Tips For Dealing With A Delayed Injury Claim

Delayed injuries complicate personal injury claims. If you are not careful, you might lack the evidence to prove your claim or accept a settlement that doesn't cover the delayed injuries. Below are some useful tips on how to deal with delayed injuries.

Seek Prompt Medical Care

Get a medical checkup after an accident. Do this even if all you feel is a little dizziness. The doctors may be able to spot hidden injuries that could flare up later. The medical consultation will also generate medical records and bills. You need your medical records to prove your injuries and damages.

Get Multiple Medical Consultations

Don't hesitate to seek multiple medical consultations for your accident injuries. Consult your doctor every time you feel new pain or exhibit symptoms of further injuries that the previous consultations didn't unearth.

For example, soft tissue injuries sometimes show up as abdominal pain days after the accident. Therefore, if you feel abdominal pain a few days after the crash, go back to the doctor for further diagnosis and treatment. If you see a different doctor, tell them about your accident to help with the diagnosis.

Wait Before You Sign Release Form

The liable party, through their insurance company, might pressure you to sign a release form soon after your injury. A release form signifies that you have accepted the settlement offer and absolved the defendant of further blame.

Don't sign the release form until you have a clear understanding of your injuries and damages. For example, don't sign the form in the early days of your medical care. At the very least, wait until your condition has stabilized.  

Consult an Attorney

The law doesn't require you to have a personal injury lawyer; you can process your claim on your own. However, having a lawyer makes a great difference, especially if you have delayed injuries. For example, your lawyer:

  • Knows that you should wait before settling but also that you should keep an eye on the statute of limitations
  • Knows how to prove soft tissue or invisible injuries, which form a huge chunk of delayed injuries
  • Will prove to the defense that you know the value of your claim

Ideally, you should retain a lawyer even before you send the demand letter. But you can consult a layer at any time in the claim process.

Hopefully, you will get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Don't forget to consult a lawyer before you accept any settlement offer.

For more information, contact a personal injury lawyer.

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