What You Need To Know About Spousal Support

For many people, spousal support is necessary after divorce. When you divorce, you may have more on your plate and fewer resources. Spousal support is designed to help you pay bills during and after divorce. 

Are you unsure how to approach spousal support? This guide will help you figure things out.

First, What Is Spousal Support?

If you have heard of alimony, you may have some idea of what spousal support entails. Spousal support is awarded to somebody who divorces another but does not yet have financial independence. The support is used to help you while you obtain independence from your spouse in the years immediately following divorce.

What Can You Expect From Spousal Support?

You can expect spousal support to provide a standard of living that helps you maintain the life you had while married. your spousal support will vary and is based on each individual's income, age, and other assets.

You don't have to worry about determining the spousal support on your own. The attorney will do this for you, and it will be based on a variety of factors. The judge may determine that the spousal support you deserve is worth a completely different amount.

How Long Can You Expect to Receive Spousal Support?

Each case is different, and the court will determine how long you can expect to receive support. Payments may last several years. Longer marriages may come with longer spousal support payments. In some cases, the support may be awarded for one's lifetime. This is now a rare occurrence.

The length of payments may be influenced by you getting a new job or a promotion at work. The court may determine that you do not need spousal support based on your new income or a new marriage, for example.

What Happens If Your Ex Stops Paying?

If your ex does not keep up with spousal support payments, you may need to take your case back to court. You should first discuss the issue with your attorney, you may be able to determine if something happened that stopped the payments or if your ex is defying a court order.

What Should You Do If You Are Owed Spousal Support?

Are you interested in pursuing spousal support? Now may be the best time if you are going through a divorce. Get in touch with a family law or divorce attorney today to discuss your divorce and spousal support options.

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