The Primary Purposes Of An Arraignment Hearing For A Criminal Case

One of your first requirements after an arrest will be attending an arraignment hearing at your local courthouse. This hearing is one of many you may have during your criminal case, and it is an essential one. Several vital things occur at this hearing, and here are the four primary purposes you should understand about this court appearance.

It Instructs the Defendant About the Charges and Their Constitutional Rights

The judge in the courtroom will begin by asking you who you are and other general questions. The court records this information for the record of your case. Next, the judge will instruct you on your charges and Constitutional rights. They will ask you if you understand these things. If you have any questions, ask.

It Gives the Defendant a Chance to Choose How to Plead

The second purpose of an arraignment hearing is to allow the defendant to offer a plea. The judge will ask you how you intend to plead in the case. You can plead innocent, guilty, or no contest. Criminal lawyers often recommend pleading innocent at this point. You can change your status later, but it's hard to change from guilty to innocent. If you plead innocent now, you'll have more options in the future.

It Provides a Way for the Defendant to Get the Bail Reduced

If you are still in jail from the arrest for these charges, you can ask the judge to reduce your bail. Asking for a bail reduction is much easier to do if you have a lawyer assisting you. Your lawyer will know how to ask and what to say. The judge may approve the request faster if a lawyer presents the appeal instead of you.

It Directs the Future of the Case

Finally, the arraignment hearing directs the future of the case. One thing the judge will do at this court date is set up future hearings for your case. A criminal case requires multiple court appearances, and you must appear at all of them. The dates can change, though, so keep in touch with your lawyer to make sure you know when to show up.

Are you facing criminal charges at this time? If so, do not attempt to face them alone. Hire a local criminal law firm to represent you in your case. Having a lawyer on your side provides instruction, guidance, advice, and assistance to you during this time.

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