Common Examples Of Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

Do you feel like you're being treated differently at work due to your gender, and it is having a negative impact on your life? If so, you may have a valid gender discrimination lawsuit on your hand. Here are a few examples of what could qualify as gender discrimination.

Gender Specific Interview Questions

You may have faced gender discrimination before you were even hired for the job. Pay attention to the questions that are asked during an interview, and ask yourself if these are the same questions that would be asked of someone that is the opposite gender as you. 

While it may be common to ask somebody if they are married or have kids, it may be irrelevant to the job interview process and completely inappropriate. It may be due to an employer viewing parental responsibilities as something that can distract them from their job. It would also be inappropriate to ask if someone is planning to become pregnant after they start working. An employer may be trying to avoid hiring someone that will take maternity leave and would rather hire someone else instead.

Passed On Promotions Due To Gender

Have you noticed that you are more than qualified for a higher position that opened up at your job, but it was given to a person of the opposite gender? Is the entire management team the same gender, even if you feel you are more qualified for the job than they are? It can be difficult to prove that your employer prefers to give promotions to one gender over the other, but it may be a form of workplace discrimination if they are intentionally doing so. 

Unequal Pay

Compensation is something that is not commonly discussed in the workplace, which makes unequal pay hard to notice. However, you should have concerns if you discover that an equally qualified worker in the same position as you gets paid more money for the same job. If there is a trend among co-workers and not just an isolated case, you could have a good example of unequal pay based on gender.

Unfair Dress Code

It is normal for some employers to have dress codes for what you should wear to work. However, it is not normal for those dress codes to only apply to one gender. There may be an instance where a woman is told that they are only allowed to wear skirts to work or not allowed to wear a certain type of clothing. If the same standards are not being applied towards all employees, it could be proof that your employer is making dress codes decisions based only on gender.

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