Tired Of Fighting For Your Disability? Improve Your Chances With These Tips

Although millions of people are disabled in the United States, only a small number are able to obtain the disability insurance and benefits they need to live. The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies many of these individuals before they have an opportunity to present their cases. If you suffer from a disabling condition and can't obtain the benefits you need, improve your chances of winning your claim with the tips below.

Appeal Your Claim

If the SSA denies your claim for disability, you have about sixty days to appeal its decision. In order to complete your appeal, you must present new medical evidence of your disability. If you don't obtain the evidence you need, the SSA can deny you a second time.

One of the ways you can obtain the evidence you need is to reach out to your physicians and request copies of your medical reports, exams, and treatments. Although the process can be long and tedious, patients have the right to request copies of their medical files—but you must submit your request in writing. In addition, many doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare entities require you to sign special patient request forms. The forms legally allow your physicians to release the information to you or to the SSA.

If you can't obtain your medical records, even after completing the correct authorization forms, contact a disability claims attorney for assistance. 

Allow an Attorney to Help You

A disability claims attorney understands how frustrating it can be to prove your case to the Social Security Administration. An attorney may examine your previous claim to see if you completed it correctly. The SSA forms used to submit your claim can be long and confusing. If you accidentally omitted information about your previous employers or misunderstood a question about your current condition, the SSA can deny you. 

In addition, a disability attorney can take legal steps to obtain copies of your medical records. A lawyer may need you to complete new authorization forms in order to obtain your records. A lawyer may also ask your doctors to write professional statements about your condition. Your doctors can use the statements to list their concerns about your disability and how it affects your life. 

After a Social Security attorney receives the paperwork they need for your appeal, they'll present it to the SSA. If you're concerned about the wait time, speak to an attorney right away.

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