Four Situations Where You Should Always Get The Services Of An Attorney

Although it never hurts to consult with an attorney, there are many situations when you should hire an attorney. The following are four notable situations when you may not understand how important it is to have the benefit of legal services.

You are arrested for driving while intoxicated

People often do not understand the ramifications of a DUI. Sometimes they simply want to admit guilt and get on with their lives, but it seldom works out like this. The courts have gotten tougher on those found guilty of a DUI, and this includes first time offenders. You can lose your license for a long time, and this can affect your job, especially if you drive for a living. There can be stiff fines, and your insurance will increase dramatically. An attorney cannot always get you off with no consequences, but they can often mitigate them.

You want to file for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy seems easy. There are books that tell you how to file, and legal forms are easy to obtain. However, bankruptcy is actually complex. You may file on your own but later find out that many of your largest debts are not eligible for bankruptcy. You may find out that you are in over your head when one or more of you creditors challenge your bankruptcy. To make things worse, there is more than one type of bankruptcy, so you'll need to know which one is best for you, and that assumes that you qualify for one. If you are thinking about a bankruptcy, always consult with an attorney.

You want a will

Just like bankruptcy, you can create your own will without an attorney, but there are problems that your heirs may run into. You want your will to be known and have an executor who knows about your will and where it is. An attorney can make sure all of this is done properly. Of course, it may be more beneficial to simply have a living trust. An attorney can help you determine what is best for you.

You have been injured in an accident

Whether it is an accident involving a vehicle or you have been injured on private property, you need to contact an attorney. The chances of an insurance company giving you the money you are entitled to is close to zero. They will always attempt to settle for as little as possible. No one from an an insurance company is on your side. It is only a lawyer that you have hired who will work solely in your interest.

Never think that you can do the work of an attorney. It is only an attorney that will be able to give you the best chance and the best outcome for your legal situation.

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