4 Types Of Sexual Harassment At Work

Going to work each day is the key to being financially stable. Being able to do your job can allow you to get ahead in life and be able to keep your bills paid. However, it's possible that you may deal with sexual harassment at some point and this is the last thing you'll want to do. It's ideal to know of the various types of this behavior because if it's severe, you may wish to seek legal action.

Type #1: Receiving sexual emails

Logging into your email account and seeing explicit messages is not something you should have to do. However, this does happen to many individuals that are dealing with sexual harassment, and it's ideal to keep a record of these. The last thing you'll want to do is automatically delete these emails because you can use these as proof at a later date about how you've been treated.

Type #2: Inappropriate touching

Your work environment shouldn't be one that you're afraid to be in at any time. This is a place that you should feel safe and secure and that allows you to do your job. However, if you have a co-worker that's continually hugging or touching you in any way, this can be very upsetting and frustrating. It's in your best interest to report this behavior to your supervisor.

Type #3: Sending pictures

Getting photos of another person without having on the proper clothing can be quite upsetting. In fact, this could create a great deal of anxiety for you and may even cause you to feel a bit frightened. Regardless if text or email sent these photos, it's important to save these to use as evidence in the event your case goes to court.

Type #4: Showing videos

There's no doubt there are plenty of videos on the Internet that can be troublesome when it comes to sexual activity. If this person shows you these videos and you're offended, it's ideal to let your boss know about it quickly. 

Knowing a lot about what is considered to be sexual harassment and what's not can be very helpful to you when you're at work. Being aware of this could be the key to taking action and being able to avoid feeling violated at any time when you're on the job. Be sure to work with a sexual harassment attorney in your area today if you're in this situation. 

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