Three Ways to Improve Your Chances of Having a Successful Social-Security Claim

The majority of people who apply for social-security benefits are denied on their first try. When you're in need of this financial support, a denial can be devastating. While there is no guarantee, there are several things you can do to strengthen your case and help improve your chances of a successful outcome.

Act Fast

If you are hurt and unable to work, don't wait around contemplating about filing for benefits. How quickly you move forward is sometimes used as a measure of just how much you actually need the assistance. If you wait to file for benefits for some time, the reviewer might take this as a sign that you don't desperately need the assistance.

Once you get confirmation that your injuries or disability will prevent you from earning an income, it's time to start preparing your claim for benefits. Remember, the faster you file, the sooner you can get the help you need.  

Prepare for an Appeal Ahead of Time

As previously mentioned, denials are common. Although this might not be your outcome, it's still smart to prepare for the appeal process just in case. By preparing early, you can send in your appeal paperwork much faster, allowing your case to be heard sooner.

When you submit an appeal, you typically are required to provide new medical data, financial records, and a response to the reason for the denial. Collect updated copies of your medical records and prepare a new financial sheet so that all you need to do is respond to the denial.

Listen to Your Doctors

The Social Security Administration thoroughly reviews all medical records that are submitted with claims. While looking over these documents, the SSA isn't just looking to see the extent of your injuries. They are also investigating the frequency with which you visit the doctor and whether or not you are adhering to any prescribed medication or treatment plans.

If there are records of you excessively missing appointments, not taking medication, or failing to attend therapy as directed by your doctor, this can all work against you. Social security is generally designed to be a temporary solution, and if you aren't taking steps toward improving your health, your claim could be denied.

One of the hardest things about social-security claims is that they can be denied for a laundry list of reasons. Sometimes you think you've done everything right only to be met with a denial, but an attorney may be able to help. A social-security attorney can review the specifics of your case and assist you with submitting your claim.

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