What Does An Employment Attorney Do?

There are quite a few different kinds of attorneys out there, so it can be hard to figure out which would be best for your case. One such category of attorney is the employment attorney, who can help you out with a wide variety of legal concerns. To help you get a better idea of whether you need an employment attorney, here is a brief overview of the services that they provide:

  • Workers Comp - One of the most common legal concerns for employees is workers comp, which is responsible for providing compensation in the event of an employee being injured on the job. In order to get workers comp, the employee will need to file some specific documents and their case will be reviewed. All of this can be done without a lawyer, but if their claim is rejected, then they might want to contest the ruling with the help of a lawyer. An employment attorney can help you arrange your case and find evidence to support your claim. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful claim can be a huge amount of money, so you definitely want to be as prepared as possible before you contest the claim.
  • Workplace Discrimination - Another big legal problem at the workplace is discrimination. Regardless of whether the discrimination is based on age, race, gender, or any number of other criteria, you might have a very serious case on your hands. Due to the high level of subjectivity involved in determining whether or not a situation is a clear case of discrimination, you want to have a lawyer in your corner. You'll need a substantial amount of evidence to prove that you have been discriminated against and you need a professional that can organize the facts and your claims into a solid narrative that supports you. While it is possible to file a workplace discrimination lawsuit on your own, you will greatly increase your chances of winning by at least consulting an attorney.
  • Termination of Employment - If you were fired for an illegitimate reason, then you have a chance of filing and winning a wrongful termination lawsuit. However, wrongful termination lawsuits are often judged on an individual basis, so you won't really know your chances of winning until you talk to a professional. There are a wide variety of criteria that are often judged in a wrongful termination lawsuit, but if you were a victim of a discrimination during your employment or if you were fired as a result of discrimination, then your chances of winning are pretty good.

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