Fights: Can Your Average Fistfight Lead To A Personal Injury Case

Fights happen. They can occur at any time and for any reason. If you suffer an injury, you may want to pursue a personal injury case. However, suing after a fistfight isn't as easy as some people think. There are many factors to consider before attempting a lawsuit.

Is It Worth It to Sue?

Before you get into anything else, you have to ask yourself if it is even worth it. A fight can lead to devastating injuries, but in many cases, you walk away with some bruises and maybe some hurt pride.

  • Did you need medical attention?
  • Did you lose work or wages?
  • Did the fight change your life in any way?

If the answer to these questions is no, then you might as well leave it alone. The reality is the average fight will not lead to a personal injury victory.  But if you did suffer an injury that required attention, or if you did lose wages, then you do have grounds for a lawsuit.

The Realities of Suing an Individual

But even in cases where you have every right to press a lawsuit, you still have to wonder if it's worth it. Suing an individual is a tricky proposition. If he or she is just a normal person with no real assets or money, then suing them can turn into a waste of time.

You might get something, but it likely won't be an amount that can cover your medical expenses or lost wages. Then again, if your medical expense is modest, or you only missed a day or two of work, then it's possible a normal working-class individual can pay those damages. But pursuing the case costs money as well.

Can You Prove Your Story?

Beyond that, there's the question of proof. Many fights devolve into one person's word against another's. You and the other party will both say self-defense. That means you will need witnesses, surveillance video, or anything that can prove your story. Depending on the situation, this information gathering process can end in failure.

If the fight occurred at a venue such as a bar, club, or place with a lot of people, then you have a better chance at a lawsuit. Venues provide an ample supply of witnesses and more of a chance of video surveillance.

In addition, a venue gives you another avenue of possible compensation. If you're injured at a venue, whether from a fight or another reason, then you can also sue the venue and its owners.

Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney about the Fight

These are all things that you will have to consider if you want to pursue a claim after a fistfight. It's important that you speak to a personal injury attorney about the altercation. Leave nothing out and make sure you're as clear about the situation as possible. From there, the attorney can let you know if you have a possible case or not. 

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