Identifying The Medical Errors That Stem From The Use Of Technology

There are many breakthroughs that have been recorded in the field of medicine, mainly because of technological progress. For instance, the advent of more sophisticated medical devices has increased the importance of surgical operations. This has allowed medical experts to better oversee the reaction of the patients being treated, and complete their surgical interventions much faster than before. Yet, despite all this, it is important to also point that a whole new set of mistakes has emerged in the process, especially when healthcare professionals become negligent. This article identifies the medical errors that stem from the use of technology.

Identifying the types of errors associated with the use of better technology

In a recent article that she wrote for the Digital Journal, Jessica Zuzierla stated that 1 out of 4 medical errors can be associated to technological issues. This is a percentage that is simply too high to be ignored, and that should raise concerns about the overall efficiency of sophisticated systems in the medical sector. Among the medical errors that are connected to technology, there are:

  • The medical equipment wasn't set up properly before being used, which sometimes causes it to stop functioning, such as in the middle of a surgical intervention
  • The medical equipment being used for the operation isn't appropriate
  • The medical staff, including nurses, aren't trained well enough and thus make costly mistakes while assisting surgeons

While these are only a sample of the medical errors being made, it's important to note that they can be fixed relatively easily. For instance, medical mistakes that stem from the inability of nurses to assist surgeons during operations can be addressed by making sure that they all get trained before using sophisticated medical systems.

Nurses aren't the only medical professionals making mistakes, as these mechanical errors don't discriminate and also affect medical experts. Finally, companies that manufacture and distribute medical systems must also ensure that their equipment is fully operational and meets the highest standards set in the industry.

As you might see, medical errors may stem from a variety of sources, which means that in the event of a medical malpractice lawsuit, the responsibility of more than one healthcare professional will be involved. If you think that you've been victim of medical negligence, then please contact a local attorney. (You can contact Davidson Law Center Inc) This is very important since the complications that are associated may be significant and eventually deadly. So make the right decision today and get legal assistance.

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