Getting Help For Those Emotional Family Law Matters

There are some challenges in life where it's hard to keep emotions from influencing critical decisions. Divorce, spousal support, child support and child custody are four areas where many lives are affected by the choices made. A family law attorney is experienced with the legal aspects of these matters. Just as important, they help you see clearly through your emotions to help you make the best decisions. Here are some good reasons to rely on the help of an attorney, should you ever face these challenges.


Divorce is not just the separation of two people. It's the creation of two new lives. During a divorce, the division of property, spousal support, child custody and support must all be decided. These are rarely simple and often highly emotional. When not handled correctly, a divorce can take years to resolve, often because of the emotional element. Engaging an attorney from the beginning will help the divorce outcome to be fair for all, and insure the well-being of any dependents.

Spousal Support

Also known as alimony, this is not always a part of the divorce process. If both spouses have similar incomes, there will likely be no need for alimony. However, if the lifestyle of one spouse would be jeopardized from the loss of the other spouse's income, alimony is a potential component of the divorce. Should you find yourself on either the paying or receiving end of alimony, get an attorney involved to look out for your interests and negotiate the best arrangement.

Child Custody

Children being involved in the divorce can make it much more complicated and emotional. Both parents want to see that their children have the best life, but each parent may have their own ideas as to how that should come about. When emotions prevent a couple from coming to an agreement about the children, the court will step in to make the decisions. Your family law attorney and your spouse's attorney can work with both of you to try to make good choices for the children before the court gets involved.

Child Support

This is the financial assistance given to the custodial parent to help support the children. While you will be involved with your lawyer in coming up with visitation rights, the court will determine the child support payments. The court considers the type of employment that each parent has, how steady the income is and the amount of income. Your lawyer will represent you so the amount of child support is fair for both the custodial and non-custodial parent.

It's the wish of family law attorneys that a couple reconcile and find ways to rebuild their lives together. When that won't happen, their experience will help you get through these emotional events so the outcomes will be fair for you, your spouse and your children. Contact a family law attorney like The Law Office Of James R. Kennedy Jr. today for more information.

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